• Image of "Seas the Day" stamping polish
  • Image of "Seas the Day" stamping polish

A bright aqua "neon-esque" stamping polish. Opaque over dark and light colours.

*PLEASE NOTE* - Due to the neon, these polishes DO dry quicker and are thicker than others in our range. They are more suited to images with broader areas rather than fine lines. If you would like to stamp images with fine lines we recommend using a firmer stamper or using the "sticky base coat method". See our "Tips and Tricks" page for more information.

All polishes are 5 free and made from cosmetically approved materials. Available in a 5ml, 9ml and 12ml bottle. Photos shows the 9ml size.

Due to postal regulations, purchases of polish can only be shipped within Australia.
For a stockist near you please see one of the following:-
USA - Beautometry & Lantern and Wren.
UK - Nail Artisan and Nail Stamping Queen UK
EUROPE - Hypnotic Polish
NZ - fingertipznz